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Electric Compact Forklift

Whereever heavy loads need to be transported, handled or loaded in the smallest spaces the HUBTEX Electric Compact Truck is in its element. The RoxX is used in inside as well as outside applications. In contrast to conventional forklifts the HUBTEX Compact Truck excels with very compact outer dimensions. In short: The HUBTEX Compact Forklift is used where conventional frontlifts are ruled out due to their bigger dimensions.

Even in standard execution the manoeuvrability of the RoxX is increased by a large steering angle. Optionally available is a patented new steering system where the centre of rotation is in the middle of the drive axle. The space saving in comparison with the standard steering is up to 50%.

The drive of the HUBTEX Compact Truck is purely electric. The special free-view masts lift and hold the loads (of 8 to 30 tonnes) safely in all ranges. The variety of 2-stage, 3-stage and free lift mast versions make the scope complete.

According to requirement, load pick-up is conducted with forks, booms, roll clamps or crane hooks. The spacious cabin offers highest possible comfort and optimal view for the driver. The operation takes place via an ergonomically arranged multifunctional joystick. The rubber mounted cabin and the spring-loaded comfort seat ensure a comfortable working environment. Non-slip steps enable a safe cabin entry.


A glance at your benefits:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Very compact external dimensions
  • Large turning angle
  • Patented multidirectional steering HX
  • Pure electric drive
  • Particularly high all-round visibility
  • Different load carrying variants
  • High ergonomics in the large driver's cab