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Electric multi-way counterbalanced forklift

Unbeatably agile and efficient

With the new FluX 70, HUBTEX expands the successful series of multi-way counterbalanced forklifts for combined indoor and outdoor use. The vehicle is ideal for safely transporting long, heavy and bulky loads, even on rough terrain and in narrow operations. The intelligent vehicle control in combination with the latest electric motors and the patented HX steering system make the forklift in its class unbeatably agile, efficient and above all unique.


Front and side loader in one vehicle

  • Front and side loader in one vehicle
  • Patented HX multi-directional steering system for smooth direction change
  • Energy efficiency with 48-volt drive and optional lithium-ion equipment
  • Cost efficiency thanks to modular vehicle structure
  • Compact mast and application-optimised fork carriers
  • Spacious driver's cab for high ergonomics
  • Optimum all-round visibility thanks to unique cabin concept
  • Ready for Industry 4.0: Optional integration of Hubtex remote maintenance and the new Hubtex Information Terminal (HIT 3)

HUBTEX has now expanded the range of application of its FluX and offers the electric multi-way counterbalance truck for loads up to 7 t, which brings enormous advantages in handling wood-based materials. However, not only outdoors can the FluX 70 play out its advantages. Among other things, even in high-bay applications, the vehicle, which achieves a realizable lifting height of up to 7,500 millimeters, can underscore its versatility. The cabin of the FluX 70 is designed for maximum comfort when driving. It is vibration-dampened, offers plenty of legroom and an optimal view on all sides. The electric multi-way counterbalance truck is an environmentally friendly alternative to internal combustion engines, which can optionally be equipped with Li-ion batteries. They lead to longer operating times and thus to an increased availability of the vehicles.